13 de març 2008

Westerkerk Carillon & Trumpet

hammerklavier Mar 12, 2008

There's so much right with this sample, I don't know where to begin: First, even before the trumpet enters---around 4:00---it's a wonderful slice-of-life with carillon bells floating in a sea of Amsterdam street sounds. Beautiful, spacious and very peaceful...But at 4:00, the trumpet enters: I can't imagine how you got this! It's as if the trumpeter and carillon player had planned it in advance, but in reality they're improvising: They're playing the famous "Trumpet Voluntary" by Purcell, a stately old ditty that's well-known in the British Isles; and, miraculously, they trade off choruses to the end. Then, at 5:30 (stay with this, listeners: it's worth your wait!), the trumpeter does a concluding flourish, followed by the carilloner's flourish, and it ends in celebration. Tremendous capture of life at its best. I hope you don't mind, but I added a few tags so anyone who wants to find this will have even more tags to search. A wonderful, spacious sample with a sumptuous end. Many, many thanks. This is field recording at its most miraculous.

(The FreeSound Project)